A selection of commissioned Appupen comics from various publishings


 ‘Fishing Adventures’; for The Hindu Business Line, Nov 2016

Excerpts from ‘Bangaloids’; a 7-page short from July 2015 for The Bangalore Graphic Novel Project.

October, 2015 – ‘ROTL’ by Appupen, published in GQ magazine without my consent, really. They haven’t paid either. I haven’t signed any contract, so at least the copyright for my story remains with me. Read the story behind this story, called ‘the Condy Nasty Conspiracy‘ starring Appupen!

February, 2016 – I got paid for this, without signing any contract.

‘A Halahala Fairy Tale’ by Appupen; published in Elle magazine, 2014.

 A preview from ‘The Heir’;
a 5-pager published in The Helter Skelter Anthology of New Writing Vol.4, 2014

‘Water Stories’ by Arundhati Ghosh and Appupen;
published by Yoda Press in This Side, That Side – Restorying Partition, 2013

 ‘The Prey’ by Appupen; published in The Obliterary Journal Vol.2, Blaft 2013

‘Mid-Way’ by Appupen published in the Mid-day Anniversary Issue, 2012

‘The Valley of Bloody Lal’; published in the Tehelka Fiction Special Issue, 2011.

‘The Cameraman’ by Appupen, published in the anthology Comix India Vol.1, 2010.

‘The Halahala Nip’ by Appupen, published in The Indian Express, 2009-10.

Read Empyr of Rock by Appupen

Read CRIK-X the ultimate cricket comic by Appupen and Chacko!


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