Various commissioned projects – paintings, murals, illustration.

Commissioned canvas painting(4’x3′, acrylic); The Avengers in Halahala!

Commissioned canvas painting(4’x3′, acrylic); Transformers: Halahala on Cybertron!

The canvas was sent off on a flight in a hurry, so I had to click them at night. Hence, the bad images.

Poster/menu art feat. star dishes from the Leaping Windows kitchen!

Appupen’s tribute to Comics (Leaping Windows Cafe, 2013)

Cover, icon and character design.

Cover art for Anantya Tantrist in her first book – Cult of Chaos  by Sweta Taneja.

Commissioned work for Fastrack – 2009-11. A series of 25 original murals in flagship stores across 12 cities.


Commissioned work for Kingfisher Blue – 2010-11

Interior art for Bon South, Bangalore – 2008

Time Out Bangalore cover art – 2010

The art of Halahala mural series at Mojo – the pub, 2006.


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