Rashtraman: Rashtrayana

‘Rashtrayana: Trouble in Paradesh’ is an independently published superhero satire comic by Appupen.

It is a series starter for the iconic cult superhero Rashtraman who strides disrespectfully past popular culture, mythology, politics and superhero fantasies on the singular mission of his own popularity.

Read the Scroll.in review by Debkumar Mitra here.

Write to Appupen or callusbrainded@gmail.com to buy it! Copies at Rs 200 each.


The Rashtrayana, considered the greatest epic of Rashtria – composed of over a 100,000 verses and handed down by oral tradition from 3000 years ago – foretells the future of the world of Halahala till the end of mankind. It centres around Rashtria, the greatest country that ever was and its people and the adventures of their heroes like the legendary Rashtraman and Cowboy.

In this episode we meet Rashtria’s neighbours, completely annihilate one of them, discover the cracks of international conspiracies hatching, and (unbeknownst to all amidst breathtaking action sequences and plot twists) sow the seed for a mighty new hero. Excerpted pages from episode1 :





Bonus story! Rashtraman Noir#1


And now for a short trip to ancient Rashtria.



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