Rashtrayana II: Divide and Fool

Rashtraman’s adventures continue in this 110 page follow up to the popular self published comic Rashtrayana: Trouble in Paradesh. The collection was published online (lockdown/covid special) on brainded.in and appupen’s social media pages over two months from October 31st – December 31st, 2020.

with thanks to comics editor: Catherine Rhea Roy and Brainded web manager: Natasha Rego

supported by Brainded India, H4C and Power Chitra Katha (PCK)

Rashtraman’s popularity is seen to be on the decline and the ‘team’ must come up with various tactics to divide and fool the public of Rashtria into supporting our hero. As the tyranny rises, so do new heroes and ‘villains’ who amplify or resist Rashtraman’s agendas.

episode 01: Shadow of the Bat, introduces RM’s new sidekick Bat-Manu – a cricketing prodigy, batting his way into the hearts of Rashtrians.

episode 02: Rogues of the South, introduces Pachu, the elephant headed hero of the Jathaca forest.

episode 03: Cape of Good Hope, introduces Win Diesel. The Leader’s pet and die hard Party-man who fights fire with fuel!

episode 04: The Legend of the East, introduces RhinoSara: pure strength, pure nature.

episode 05: Balls and Chains, introduces anonymous street artist GuessWhat and the urban resistance.

episode 06: Raging Bull, showcases Buffalo Bull’s efforts to save his estranged brother CowBoy and Cowrashtra!

episode 07: Host of the Past, introduces the GhostGirl in Rashtria – a keeper of lost orphaned souls.

episode 08: Host of the Past 2: Big Guns, where GhostGirl and the Great forest spirit of the north take on Rashtraman and Win Diesel!

episode 09: The Raath of Rashtraman, where Lady Justis reveals ancient secrets and draconian laws that can give Rashtraman an edge!

episode 10: Return of the Prince, where Cowboy and Buffalo Bull call in the bovine forces and free Cowrashtra!

epilogue: Rashtrick Dissentery

Gallery: Heroes of Rashtrayana


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