Appupen’s Diary of Rock (Rolling Stone, 2015 – )

At the age of 13, many things happened and life as I knew it, changed dramatically. My body and mind became war zones, and my forces were always rallying towards girls. There was also the sudden alienation and eagerness of seeing myself as an individual. No one would really understand me and there were no clear answers. I wanted to scream at the world and fight for my dream. Freeze frame.

Now imagine the frame with a pulsating heavy metal riff. And then the drums kick in! Suddenly there’s a crowd of us screaming in unison, at least in the way we feel.

I’ve considered myself a ‘rocker’ ever since. I’ve gone to great lengths, often to prove it only to myself. I collect music obsessively – on tapes, CDs and now mp3s. I did my strutting around with a head of shampooed long hair. I’ve been the drummer and lead dreamer in a few bands too.

These are some personal notes from the journey of a rocker in the Indian context. Please read my Diary.


See Appupen’s Empyr of Rock here.


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