Appupen has been making comics since 2005. He has published three graphic novels and many short stories in various publications. His fourth book, ‘The Snake and the Lotus’ will be out early 2018.


Aspyrus is Appupen’s third graphic novel from the world of Halahala. It is a dreamy story with very few words, narrated mostly via pen, ink and water colour drawings. It chronicles the journey of a creature of dream, and it’s assault on Halahala. The book questions the nature and origin of the dreams that we follow. Whose dream is it that we follow? Who benefits from our dreams? And who, if anyone, can take on this gigantic creature that is swallowing the world whole?

Legends of Halahala

Appupen’s second book collects five silent legendary Halahala love stories spread across more time than 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here is the cover, and a few pages from each story and the Great Floating Totem.


‘Moonward’ and in some ways Appupen too, came together with Blaft’s help. These are some of the shorts that got Blaft interested in publishing a Halahala book in 2008.

The first (and last) Supa Kola ad

Solitude/Loneliness of Ramadosa

Here are a few reviews and articles on Appupen’s books and comics.


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