Appupen stories – The secret adventures of the artist!

The Condy Nasty Conspiracy (2015)

Click here to see ‘ROTL’ – the Halahala-Mordor co-production that was printed without the artist’s consent.

Appupen Inc. from Aspyrus (2014)

ASPappup copy

Appuen Inc. from Legends of Halahala (2013)

Appupen Inc.

‘Dreamsu’ (Art & the City, 2010)

Appupen Inc. from Moonward (2009)

Appupen in 2006

Appupen in 2006

Checkout Appupen’s graphic novels ‘Aspyrus’, ‘Legends of Halahala’ and read excerpts from ‘Moonward’.

Read other commissioned short comics by Appupen.

Bonus Material: The M.O.B. – A Moonward Extra from 2006!

This is a short that didn’t make it to ‘Moonward’, detailing the work of MOB and Bob.


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