Paintings at the Majestic Metro Station, Bangalore

Legends of the Lake

The Majestic Metro station stands at the site of a dried up lake called Dharmambudhi. I tried to imagine the spirits of the past and future coming up and witnessing the present, an important juncture in time. A reminder that what we do now determines our path from here. The station is a portal, where many windows open up to these imagined realities. Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Legends of the Lake’ with ample support from a great team – Anuja Agrawal, Juilee Tembhekar, Srinidhi Iyer, Rahul Rai and Madhav Nair.

Opus Majesticus

At 62 feet, the graphic story of the locality at the Majestic Metro Station is being touted as India’s longest silent comic strip! Thank you Pranav Gohil for the images and of course St+art India. With help from Anuja, Juilee, Noel and Achilles.

Click for more commissioned paintings, murals and comics by Appupen.


2 thoughts on “Paintings at the Majestic Metro Station, Bangalore

  1. The “hoy hoy sala” painting gives me a huge boost of confidence and inspiration each time I go across it. That’s some great work! I’m interested in getting a smaller sized painting for my room. Please hit me back if available


    1. Dear Ashrith. It’s so nice of you to say that. I’m sorry I didn’t see this message for so long. You can write to me at georgeyem (at) gmail. com


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